Fairwind Now Accepting Applications for 2014

After a banner year, Fairwind Sail Charters is signing up students and lease share skippers for Summer 2014. “Our American Sailing Association certified sailing school, the oldest in Chicago, certified a record number of students this season,” said Capt. Ben Sells. “We look forward to introducing more people to sailing in 2014.” Fairwind’s sailing yacht lease share program, which pioneered shared sailing in the 1970s, also was a great success in 2013. “People are feeling better about the economy,” said Capt. Sells, “and are starting to come back to their love of sailing. I think the quality of our boats and service, our prime location, and the value we provide with our make up policy and rates all contribute to the strength of Fairwind’s program.” Prospective students and lease share skippers can learn more at www.fairwindsail.com or can contact Capt. Sells directly via email at fairwind@fairwindsail.com.